Our Commitment to Helping Others

My late father had some words for me once that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

A man of great humility and generosity, when it came to charitable giving he said: “When you give, if it doesn’t hurt a little bit, you haven’t given enough.”

Dad’s words have been top of mind lately because of all the outpouring of support that we are witnessing in our nation. People everywhere are stepping up and sharing what they have in support of those whose lives have been changed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Empower team has been remarkable in this regard. On March 27, we announced our company commitment of $250,000 to support organizations in our communities that are engaged in virus relief efforts. In addition, we announced that through the company’s Associates Community Together (ACT) program, Empower is also doubling the financial donations of our associates to the charitable organizations they are supporting.

Their commitment has been outstanding. In the last month, charitable giving requests from our associates are up 400% from a normal period. This amounts to a total of more than $280,000 in matched donations directed by Empower associates. This is in addition to our corporate contribution of $250,000.

The most popular organizations our associates are supporting include Food Bank of the Rockies, Harvesters, Feeding America, Hunger Task Force, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, United Way, Denver Rescue Mission, Children’s Diabetes Foundation and Freedom Service Dogs.

This is outstanding work, and I am proud of this team.

I have heard from so many associates about their charitable work. What is most impressive about all of this is that it has occurred during a period in which we are all dealing with the new realities of working from home, balancing work and family commitments, and stepping up for clients who need our support. More than 99% of the Empower team across the country and abroad is working from home.

Everyone is making their way in a world that’s changed these days. In some ways, the effects of this period will likely be long lasting and, as a team, we will need to adapt to it.

Empower is only five years old. In this respect, we are a young organization and we are still building our own organizational ethos. What we are learning about our team has been instructive and eye opening.

Here’s to those Empower heroes who’ve hurt themselves a little bit through their charity so others could hurt a lot less.

I am grateful for all that they do.