Building engagement and a more personalized future through re-enrollment

How one employer re-enrolled employees to help them get back on track

Many investment professionals agree that, as savers’ account balances grow as they approach retirement, their portfolio allocations should be personalized and should become more conservative. However, many savers don’t understand this premise. And even those that do often don’t know how to take action.

To support employees facing this challenge, one employer re-enrolled employees into its managed account offering, with an option to opt out. At the same time, the company ran a multichannel communications campaign to encourage employees to get their retirement savings back on track.


Key findings

  • As the company’s workforce grew, its leaders noted that many participants were exposed to extremes on the risk spectrum due to the way they had allocated their 401(k) portfolios.
  • After re-enrollment, professional advice helped align employees’ risk exposure more appropriately based on their personal circumstances.
  • Employers of all sizes should consider re-enrollment to help employees get back on track and improve overall plan health.


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