A partnership built on innovation, service and flexibility

At Empower, we help more than 26,000 independent advisors support over 39,000 plans nationwide.1

Our commitment to you is to deliver:

Innovation throughout the experience you have with us.

Service excellence at every touchpoint.

Flexible solutions to help you meet your clients’ needs.

Our Partnership Features


Over 9 million participants allows for continuous innovation and investment.1


80 years of experience makes us a credible, long-term partner.


Solutions for corporate, not-for-profit and governmental plans lets you offer best-in-class solutions across your entire client base.

Innovations to Help You

Our PartnerLink® interface provides one touch point to see all information across plan types and sizes. There’s no need to utilize data aggregation services to see the whole story. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a Lifetime Income Score which measures income replacement in retirement. This also helps you have a more meaningful conversation with plan sponsors and participants.

Innovations to Help Your Clients

Our one-click enrollment process makes it quick and easy for people to start saving, minimizing the time you may otherwise spend helping them enroll. Once enrolled, our industry-recognized participant website experience is proven to drive results.


of participants who use our experience change their deferral rate2


average savings rate increase2

Ranked No. 1

Our notable first-place service rankings in PLANADVISER’S 2018 Retirement Plan Adviser Survey3 offer clear evidence of the value we provide:

Value for price
(seven years in a row)

Fee structure for advisers
(four years in a row)

Fee structure for plan sponsors

Plan sponsor client service

Overall service small plans

Overall service micro plans

Service Excellence to Create a Complementary Relationship

From our implementation team to client service managers, from our participant services team to relationship managers, we use regularly measured client satisfaction scores to evaluate our performance. Our services complement your valuable expertise.

As an example, our suite of advisory services4 supplements the professional advice you provide so you can focus on delivering value where it’s needed most. You get to decide which plans and participants you want to work with; we’ll assist the others with our suite of advisory services.

Flexibility to Enhance Your Value

We are one of the only retirement services providers with a propriety recordkeeping platform. Some of the largest financial services companies in the industry use our platform — through Empower Institutional.

Our proprietary technology lets you operate on a single platform through which every enhancement made is a benefit for all. Regardless of their size, you receive ongoing value for each of your plans through the continuous enhancements and investments we make to our platform.

You don’t need to manage each set of plans with a different vendor separately. Our overarching recordkeeping technology allows you to maintain one system, one service person and one direct feed of data for your entire block of business.

In addition, we use one database and a single platform across all markets, giving us the flexibility to tailor messages and actions specifically to plan or individual needs. As an added benefit, your plan and participant information is secure in one place.

A Partnership Built on Winning — Together

At Empower, we firmly believe in the important role you play, and we support all your efforts to help you grow your business. We never stop innovating. We know where the industry is today and where it’s going. We know what you, an advisor, need to do to take advantage of it.

We continuously look further ahead and invest in our technology to maximize the benefits we provide you and your clients over the long term.