Third-Party Administrators

Give your clients in growing organizations more value for less in a convenient, ready-to-go plan design

As one of America’s leading providers of retirement plan services, Empower recognizes that local expertise is critical to developing and maintaining a successful retirement plan. That’s why third-party administrators (TPAs) like you are such valuable partners to us.

Our TPA Partnership Program is designed to work with you to deliver a high level of streamlined, integrated services to plan sponsors. It’s a way to combine our complementary strengths to deliver an effective retirement plan program by giving you access to tools and resources that make you more effective — along with the marketing impact of partnering with an industry leader in retirement services.

When partnering with Third Party Administrators, (TPAs) Empower has one goal in mind — to ensure that you have access to essential tools and resources to help make your business more successful. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is by leveraging our leading technology as a foundation to build lasting relationships.

What We Offer

In an effort to help you help your clients, Empower offers the following to enhance the value you already provide:

Flexible Compensation

Local Support

Direct access to a national network of TPA Directors

Comprehensive Product Suite

Access to an array of 401(k), 403(b), 457 and nonqualified products — each offering features that can accommodate your clients’ unique plan needs

Accelerated Online Disbursements

Quick, web-based access to participant distributions via Empower’s website

Enhanced Payroll Integration

Transmission of contribution information with Empower’s simple and automated processing system


Online access to plan and participant information

Preferred Recordkeeping Services

Superior recordkeeping technology to keep you in sync with your workflow and responsibilities

Streamlined Vesting Assistance

Choose between managing participants’ vesting or hand it over to Empower

Empower is committed to your continued success. Every day, we work to ensure your relationship with us is one that is both easy and rewarding