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Our financial planning services1 are designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. 

An all-inclusive approach

Whether college savings or retirement planning is top of mind, we'll help you prioritize your financial goals and create an actionable plan to achieve them. Let us help you achieve the financial freedom you've always imagined. Our financial planning services can help you save, invest, protect and spend your hard-earned money as wisely as possible. 

We look at your complete financial picture so you can live better today while planning for the future. Your Empower financial planning professional will create a personalized and actionable plan with your goals in mind. 

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Get simple explanations of important ideas to help you manage every aspect of your finances, including: 

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Understand investing concepts so you can make more informed choices. 

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Walk through different saving strategies for retirement and other goals. 

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Learn ways to help manage your ongoing income and expenses as well as debt. 

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Gain awareness of the principles around insurance, Social Security and creating a legacy. 

What we offer


Employer plan analysis

The investments in your employer retirement plan should complement your overall financial strategy. We'll help you choose an allocation that aligns with your overall portfolio and long-term goals. 

Comprehensive portfolio review

It's a good idea to review your investments periodically. We can help you assess risks and opportunities, identify tax inefficiencies and see how your investments are doing. 

Equity compensation analysis

We can help you make a more educated decision when it comes to making choices about your company stock options, restricted units or stock purchase plan. 

Deferred compensation analysis

Understanding nonqualified retirement plans and how to best use them can be challenging. We can review your plan and discuss your options and how they fit into your overall financial strategy. 

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Gain clear next steps based on your priorities with a straightforward plan. 


Overall savings strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much you should save each year. Based on your specific goals and situation, we can help you determine an amount designed to reduce your chances of outliving your hard-earned income.

Emergency savings

Every comprehensive financial plan should include building emergency savings — a cash reserve that can cover your living expenses without you having to tap into your investments or use a credit card to pay for unexpected expenses. Your financial planner will recommend an appropriate amount based on your situation. 

Education savings analysis

Education is expensive, and the savings pitfalls are plentiful. We can show you ways to fund educational expenses while being as tax efficient as possible.


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Creating a budget is the best way to know where your money is going each month. We'll help you design a real-time budget based on your historical cash flows, desired lifestyle and long-term objectives. 

Retirement cash flow planning

Which accounts should you tap for retirement spending — and in what order? Your financial planner will provide you with a year-by-year plan for determining how much you can withdraw in a tax-efficient manner designed to maximize the longevity of your portfolio.

Charitable giving

Several decisions come into play when it comes to your charitable giving, such as where and how to give and which methods are most efficient. We’re here to provide support and guidance every step of the way.

Planning for specialized family needs

We can help you plan for your unique family situation, whether it includes aging parents, a spouse who becomes ill, children with special needs or other concerns.

Debt management review

Financial management isn’t just about your assets — it also includes your liabilities. Proper debt management is an important component of saving. We can help you decide which debts to prioritize and come up with a plan to help you reduce your debt.

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Meet regularly with your planner to check on your plan and adjust it as your goals evolve. 


Insurance analysis

Having proper insurance coverage is an important aspect of your financial plan. We’ll look at your current policies and point out any potential gaps or surpluses to give you a recommendation on how you can protect your assets and loved ones.

Account beneficiary review

It is important to understand how your assets will be distributed should something happen to you. We will review your account titling and designated beneficiaries to help you determine if they are in line with your goals.

Social Security and Medicare optimization

We'll help you determine healthcare costs in retirement and navigate your options. Social Security and Medicare benefits are an important source of retirement security for many people, but they can be complicated. we'll help you make sense of your benefits and develop a plan designed to maximize them based on your specific goals. 

Tax planning and optimization

Our financial planning professionals can review your financial plan for potential tax efficiencies and opportunities. Equity compensation strategies, business entity selection guidance, Roth conversion strategy and tax-planning projections offer just a few ways for us to help you identify tax-efficient strategies.

Legacy and estate planning2

Our financial planning professionals can review your current estate plan or goals to prepare you for a meeting with your estate attorney. We can help you review legacy considerations, titling and beneficiary designation issues, gifting, and asset-protection strategies.

Pension optimization

If a current or former employer provides a pension program, you will likely have a number of payout options. We can help you identify ways to potentially maximize your benefits to fit into your overall financial plan.

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Powerful planning tools

Our conversations are just the beginning

You will have access to intuitive tools to help create a plan that reflects your needs, wants and wishes. You and your planner can modify different factors and see how these adjustments may impact your financial plan before you decide. 

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Current financial goals

This shows you annual costs in after-tax dollars related to the financial goals you have specified, including your Goal Timeline, which shows how your needs, wants and wishes change over time. 

Tablet graphic displaying net worth summary

Net worth summary

This provides you with a snapshot of what you own (your assets — including your investments) and what you owe (your liabilities).

Laptop graphic displaying risk assessment data

Risk assessment

This helps you and your financial planning professional assess your risk tolerance to develop a score. Your score is then used to illustrate gains and losses in real-life scenarios to help determine your appropriate balance of risk and return. 

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What if worksheet

This will give you and your financial planner the flexibility and power to model up to five scenarios and compare the results. Examples might include a Roth conversion or the purchase of an annuity. 

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