Choose from more than 130 mutual funds across a variety of asset classes or consider Empower brokerage for more options

When you leave a job or retire, you’ll need to figure out what to do with the money you’ve saved in your prior employer’s retirement plan. And while some other things about leaving a job or retiring may seem complicated, Empower makes this part easy.

As with any financial decision, you are encouraged to discuss moving money between accounts, including rollovers, with a financial advisor and to consider costs, risks, investment options and limitations prior to investing.

Investment options and services

When you enroll in an Empower Retirement IRA, you have access to a variety of investment options as well as Empower Retirement Advisory Services, which can help you build a savings and investing strategy. Empower Retirement Advisory Services is provided by Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a registered investment adviser.

There is no guarantee provided by any party that participation in any of the advisory services will result in a profit.

Our loyalty program

At Empower, you have the opportunity to access a variety of features and benefits depending on your account balance. These include a dedicated retirement advisor, industry-expert webinars, Premium access and much more. You could also think about using your IRA to consolidate additional retirement assets that might help you get more out of your IRA.

Your options

You can choose from more than 130 investment options with a wide range of styles and objectives from a variety of leading investment management companies. When you are ready to take a distribution from your account, you can choose to receive a full withdrawal or partial withdrawals through available periodic payment options.

Empower Brokerage IRA

Choose from an expanded selection of mutual funds and stocks that match your personal objectives and investment style

The Empower Brokerage IRA option includes: 

On-demand access to accounts, positions and balances.

No annual account maintenance fee for accounts over $100,000.1

Unlimited commission-free online trading of stocks and ETFs.

More than 300 mutual fund families, thousands of individual mutual funds and stocks as well as more than 1,400 ETFs to choose from.

The Empower Brokerage IRA is intended for knowledgeable investors who acknowledge and understand the risks associated with the investments available through an Empower Brokerage account.