Advisory Services

Empower Retirement Advisory Services can help you meet your fiduciary obligations and provide personalized recommendations and strategies to help your employees reach their retirement goals

Empower Retirement Advisory Services1, offered by Advised Assets Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor, provides a suite of services that includes managed and implemented personalized retirement strategies called My Total Retirement or the Professional Management Program.

Fiduciary & Administrative Support For You

Advisory Services not only has your employees’ best interests in mind, but can help with retirement education.

A Personalized Strategy For Your Employees

Shouldn’t your employees’ retirement savings be as unique as they are? Advisory Services gives your employees access to one-on-one support with investment adviser representatives.

Looking for a solution that evolves with the unique needs of your employees? Consider Empower Dynamic Retirement Manager™3

Target date funds for younger participants

Customized retirement strategy for those with more sophisticated needs

Online Advice

Your employees can access a custom retirement plan for them to fully implement or simply use to validate the strategy they’ve created.