Financial Wellness

Our approach to education includes providing employees with information, resources and solutions that help them take control of their finances

At Empower Retirement, we’re helping employees remove the financial barriers preventing them from replacing — for life — income made while working.

That’s why we create solutions that help with their current financial needs. Helping employees take control of their finances today can help them save more for their future.

Our simple, intuitive and actionable solutions are focused on three important areas:

Personal Consultations

Empower believes everyone should have the chance to achieve retirement readiness. For many, that means more than just simply saving in a workplace savings plan. This is why we support consultative discussions and have expanded our suite of services.

For those employees not already working with a financial professional or advisor, our financial counselors provide support in two ways:

Phone consultations

In-person seminars, workshops and one-on-one consultations

Counselors Can Assist Your Employees In a Variety of Areas:

Savings Rates

Investment Selection

Retirement Planning

Debt Paydown

HSA Savings

Emergency Savings

Financial Wellness

Advisory Services1

Empower Dynamic Retirement Manager2

Health and Wealth Solutions

Empower Retirement has partnered with Optum®, the largest health savings account (HSA) services provider and wellness leader, to provide an industry-leading, retirement-oriented HSA. Saving for healthcare costs in retirement has never been easier.

Provides deep integration with the Empower participant experience

The first-time integration of future income projections with retirement plan balances and projections is coupled with the ability for plan participants to change HSA contribution amounts.

Supports current healthcare needs

Empower HSA supports medical claims integration, facilitates direct payments to providers, issues debit cards and offers many other services associated with an HSA.

Student loan debt image of young woman

Empower Student Debt Solution

Empower’s Student Debt Solution3 is designed to help your employees pay off their student debt. While the program offers lending products and guidance tools that can help employees save on their student loan payments, you can also help them pay down their student debt. Or you can choose to contribute to their retirement plan accounts based on their student loan payments.

Help your employees reduce the financial stress associated with paying down their student debt.

Helpful Financial Education

We focus on a family’s financial wellness needs across all generations, providing simple and actionable education organized in the following categories:


We help employees manage ongoing income and expenses and control debt. For example, we show them how to potentially pay off debt utilizing a simple method.


We emphasize saving for retirement as well as the importance of saving for a rainy day or other important short-term goals.


We provide information covering basic investing concepts to help employees make more informed choices.


We explain in simple terms principles related to insuring against loss of income, taxes, Social Security optimization and creating a legacy.